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Nolan Plant User Experience Designer

While my current title is User Experience Designer, I wouldn’t get too hung up on that. I have a wide set of skills and have held many positions related to UX and digital marketing. This has given me a balanced approach to solving design challenges and working on projects of varied sizes and resources. In all my roles my goal has been simple: help companies get closer to their users and help users get closer to each company.

Currently designing in Medellín, Colombia.

- Nolan Plant

My Skills

A few of the things I bring to the table


Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods I'm able to create informed solutions that resonate with users.


I'm able to effectively communicate my strategies through a number of mediums— be it doodles on paper or pixel perfect mock-ups.


While I love the satisfaction of creating visually engaging renderings for my clients, I am equally skilled at directing others on how to executive effective design.


I leverage rapid and high fidelity prototyping techniques to further test my concepts. This is also where my experience with animation gives me an edge when conceptualizing and incorporating motion into my work.


My programming knowledge comes in handy while protyping and during small build outs. It also allows me to easily communicate with developers when conceptualizing larger scale projects and while conducting testing.


Whether it's A/B testing at launch or iterative testing throughout a product iteration, I know how to define and measure success against key performance indicators for each project I lead.

My Work

A quick snapshot of some projects I have worked on.

User Experience Designer

Usability Test Report

Usability Testing

UX Research

Priority Wine Pass App


NewSanuk Web App Redesign

UX Research & Design

User Experience Designer


Customer Experience

UX Research

Priority Wine Pass Website

UX research

NewSanuk Web App


Web App Design & Development

Brewery Pass Website Design

Brewery Pass

Website Design & Development

Shamballa Eyewear Website Design

Shambala Eyewear

Website Design & Development

Style Hour Website Design

Style Hour

Website Design & Development

My Process

A journey though my process during the redesign of

  • Hueristic Evalutations and Best Practices from interviews

    Key stakeholder interviews

    When I first started at Sanuk I knew I had to get an understanding of the business goals. To do this I conducted interviews with all departments- Finance, Marketing, Sales, Graphic Design, Product Development, Retail, Customer Service, IT, and web development. I noted how they used the website and what tools would help them within their job function. This let me isolate the business needs and have a more dynamic understanding of shared (and also competing) objectives of the company. It also familiarized me with the different business units and established key points of contacts for a continual conversations throughout my time with the company.

  • Connecting with the customer

    My second course of action was flying out to the customer service headquarters to sit in on customer calls, chats and emails. I talked with staff members to connect and open up a direct line of communication with the larger brand team. This allowed faster delivery of customer feedback and got everyone closer to the customer.

  • Customer Personas

    Customer Demographics

    Fortunately the brand’s parent company had already invested heavily in developing personas for the brand’s target consumers. Reviewing these allowed me to connect and get a better picture of who I was designing for. But just as continual updates to a website are necessary, the same goes for demographics- especially when new tools open up. Thus I eventually lead supplemental research to update these personas off of real CRM data leveraged from the company’s email database.

  • Analytics and Insight

    While we had weekly reporting in place, I was able to extend these metrics to a larger group and bring in key players from different channels to gain a more holistic pulse on the company. From these discussions we were able to discuss challenges and opportunities for the Sanuk, both on the ecommerce and brick and mortar side of the business.

  • Goal Mapping

    Storyboarding and Goal Mapping

    I worked with content developers and marketing leads to define campaign goals via a handful of user centered exercises. This helped clarify project briefs and improve overall customer experience within our campaigns.

  • Best Practices:

    I continually attend key conferences (SES, LITMUS, IRCP, Demandware Xchange to name a few) to identify trends as well as new software as service partners. This helped me keep the website up to the latest standards and experiment with exciting new tools. I would present my findings to executive members to guide high impact business decisions. I was also invited to speak at the company sales meetings in order to educate staff on new findings and different ways to leverage a digital presence within all channels of the company..

  • IA and Linking Structure

    Site content and Linking structure

    With several online and offline channels working simultaneously it was important to create a solid linking strategy that reinforced the business objectives. I connected these channels and formalized processes for each. This helped improve SEO, execution clarity, as well as overall customer experiences.

  • Wire Framing

    Wireframes were the key to presenting new features, experiences, product enhancements, landing pages, campaigns and more. I often worked hand in hand with designers and developers to rapidly formulate ideas and feature requests via wireframes. They were also used to map experiences when working with agencies.

  • High Fidelity Mockups

    Hi-Fi Mockups

    Often times I would put on my designer cap to deliver pixel perfect rendering for developers to implement. This was also done to train other designers best practices in terms of file preparation and execution. On top of this it also helped me win over executive stakeholders in implementing key marketing initiatives or high impact decisions. Below is a shot of a mobile navigation update.

  • Prototyping and development

    Often I would put on my developer hat and create prototypes to illustrate functionality of designs. Fortunately my development background allows me to communicate needs with other developers. This is incredibly useful when working across multi-functional teams.

  • Usability Tests and Studies

    A/B and Iterative Usability Testing

    One of my key improvements to Sanuks online strategy was placing a UX focused mindset within the company. On top of rolling A/B and multivariate testing we also brought in real test subjects for more observational feedback on new features and website updates.

  • Marketing

    When I started at Sanuk its marketing was print focused with little thought about leveraging digital channels. I was able to transform the department into a digital first mindset and deliver rich multimedia experiences. Results

Nolan Plant Responsive design

Consecutive years exceeding business forecast


Increase in annual revenue


Improvement in site wide conversion


Reduction in site wide bounce rate

Percentages above reflect cumulative results from 2012 through 2015

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